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Tours and events

No plans for the weekend? Head on over to Thoran Distillery for a fun and educational visit. It beats staying at home and watching Gilmore Girls for the 600th time. (That's not entirely true. We love Gilmore girls. #teamjess)

Distillery visit
(Tue-Thu from 11 am to 4 pm)

On the Distillery tour you'll learn about what goes into making Marberg gin, Thoran Distillery's first product. We'll show you the distillation equipment, explain the differences between various gin styles, tell you about the botanicals we use... and we top it all off with a tasting of Marberg gin.

(for bookings for over 10 people please contact us at marberg (at) marberg.is)

The Gin Academy 
(Available soon)

The Gin 101 event takes participants on a journey through time, where we discover the origins of gin, learn about how it is made, and sample some of histories most famous gin cocktails. Join us as we discuss and pair simple gin concoctions with delicious, bite-sized seafood nibbles.